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How it works?

Our team has expertly reengineered the Woocommerce plugin, optimizing performance and adding the tools you need for a successful online store.

From full sales funnels to simple ecommerce setup, our streamlined solution eliminates unnecessary elements and ensures a seamless user experience. Build your store with confidence and ease, using the power of our optimized Woocommerce and say goodbye to transaction fees.

Stop paying transaction fees

Ditch the costly fees on Shopify and switch to Astrasell for a smarter, more profitable ecommerce experience.

With Astrasell, you’ll be able to cut back on transaction fees and monthly subscriptions, preserving your profit margins and giving your business the financial breathing room it deserves.

Choose Astrasell for a hassle-free and cost-effective ecommerce solution.

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All paid tools from Shopify, becoming free with Astrasell

With Astrasell, all the must-have tools for growing your ecommerce business are included at no extra cost.

From One Click Upsell and Orderbump, to SMS automation and recurrent Subscription, you’ll have everything you need to succeed, all in one convenient and cost-effective platform.

Get started today and see the difference for yourself.

Customizable templates, tailored to your specifications.

With Astrasell, launch or test your products on pre-designed branded templates. Our multiple templates allow you to test multiple products within a single website, without any external links.

Keep your customers focused on buying or leaving. Additionally, we offer a classic product page style template for niche stores.

Avoid holds by splitting your revenue new!

Astrasell protects dropshippers from reserve and hold risks by enabling multiple account connections and automatic revenue splitting. Diversify your funds and secure your cash flow for smooth business growth.

Integrate with all platforms

Easily integrate your store with hundreds of platforms and payment processors, streamlining your business operations.

Guaranteed optimal website performance with unlimited scalability 🚀

With Astrasell, your website performance is optimized for seamless scalability. Our use of the powerful WooCommerce system eliminates any technical difficulties you may encounter while managing your site.

With us, you can focus solely on growing your sales and advertising efforts without worrying about website performance issues. Additionally, we provide a stable platform that will never shut down your store, unlike Shopify’s infamous DMCA issues.

Build Sales funnel or Classic Store

With Astrasell, you have the ability to choose the style that best fits your needs and have it up and running in no time. This level of customization and ease of use is what sets Astrasell apart from other ecommerce platforms.

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Fast, modern and fully optimized design for conversions (check by yourself)

Store Home page

Funnel Style page


Classic Product page

Checkout page

Upsell Page


0% transaction fees

One time payment

  • Funnels builder & Classic store
  • Modern Drag and Drop builder with templates
  • Orderbump, OCU & Bundle offer builder
  • Pre-built store with all pages set
  • SMS cart abandoned
  • Store protected (no DMCA)
  • Advanced discounts
  • Advanced analytics
  • Klarna & Afterpay integration through Stripe
  • Support 24/24
  • Multi-currency checkout
  • Multi-language store
  • Recurrent payments for Subscriptions
  • Payment gateways splitter
  • Email Automations

The solution to most Ecommerce Problems

No more Shopify DMCAs. Don’t let anyone close your store.

You have complete control over your stores and your server. No one but you can shut them down.

100% free of technical problems

Woocommerce is a capricious system and requires constant monitoring. To make your life easier, we’ve optimized and cleaned up the code so you’ll never have any technical issues with the template.

Avoid payment processors holds and reserves

Astrasell allows you to easily connect multiple payment processors accounts to your store, and split revenues automatically, depending on your needs

Tools to increase your AOV

Use the power of Orderbumps and One click Upsells to boost your AOV by up to 50 to 100% in some cases, and increase your profitability. These features are included in the basic plan, without any additional cost!

Multi-currency Checkout

Allow your customers to pay in their own currency to increase your conversion rate

Recurring payment for subscriptions & memberships

Bill your customers by day, week, month for any type of subscription. Integrates seamlessly with Stripe & Paypal and other major payment processors.


Is the store fast and can it handle many visitors ?
This is the most important question. And we assure you that your store will be fast and reliable during heavy traffic and will be able to handle all transactions. We use one of the best servers in the world: AMAZON AWS, VULTR and Google Cloud. These servers will constantly be operational.
Moreover, the store is 100% optimized and free from technical problems.
Does its integrate with all payment processors?

Yes absolutely every major payment processor.

Is there any integration with Cometly or Hyros?
No for a the moment there is no integration with Cometly. On the other hand you’re be able to integrate with Hyros without any issue. You also have 3 other alternatives: Anytrack (paid), Google Analytics UTMs (free) and Triple Whale
Can I connect pixels ?

Astrasell allows you to connect pixels from all traffic sources such as Tiktok, Facebook, Snapchat etc..

Are there any transaction fees?
Zéro % of transaction fees
Is Astrasell for me?
Astrasell is for you if your are a running ecommerce business and you:
– generate a multi-digit revenue
– experience copyrighting problems and your store is getting shot down regularly
– struggle to be profitable with high advertising costs
– need to test products quickly
Do you offer a refund?

You have 30 days to test your store and see if Astrasell is made for you.

Do you offer migration from Shopify?

Yes, we offer the option to migrate your Shopify store to AstraSell for Free!